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Poole Arbor Tree Services is the professional tree surgery company for all your arboricultural needs across Dorset.

From light pruning of the smallest trees and shrubs to removal of the largest storm damaged trees, we will ensure that all work is undertaken in a safe, efficient manner.

Perhaps you are concerned that a tree is causing a hazard or danger to your property, neighbours or the public? Overhanging branches or overgrown hedges may be blocking out your sunlight? Do you have a diseased or dying specimen at risk from being blown over? It could even be that your unruly Leylandii completely taken over?

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Tree Inspections and Surveys

Our tree surgeons can produce a report based on a thorough tree inspection or survey. This will include advice on any potential danger from damaged or overhanging branches, root damage, disease, storm damage or simply when trees and hedges have become unmanageable. Our tree surveys take into account species and their location.

Hedge Services

Just like individual trees, hedges are unique in their shape and location. We will discuss with you the best action to take with your hedge. From a simple tidy up to major cutting or even hedge removal - we will ensure hedge trimmings are recycled or composted where possible and that your garden is left clean and tidy. We are specialists in the removal of Leylandii hedging, and can also arrange stump removal where required.

Tree Preservation Orders

There are very strict rules and guidelines regarding the felling, removal or cutting of some trees, especially those subject to a tree preservation order or within a conservation area. In these instances, Poole Arbor Tree Services can advise on the appropriate protocols with the local authorities, or indeed we are happy to do this work on your behalf. Clients should be aware that this can sometimes be a lengthy process. If a tree is not under protection any remedial or removal work can be carried out immediately.

Tree Felling and Tree Removal

If a tree has become dangerous or diseased, our fully qualified and fully insured tree surgeons can arrange for safe felling and removal. We can also arrange tree stump removal.

Tree Pruning and Pollarding

It is often beneficial to the health of a tree for parts of it to be pruned. We can advise on the removal of dead branches or pollarding to promote new growth and improve tree health.

Stump Removal

Stumps can be very hard if not impossible to remove without specialised equipment. We use stump grinders to remove stumps quickly, safely and efficiently.

Tree Reduction & Branch Removal

Sometimes there is no need to have a tree completely felled. Our tree surgery experts can advise on how to reduce the size of a large or unmanageable tree. This is often very helpful to property owners when a tree has grown to a very large size and the branches may be overhanging or potentially dangerous, or when the tree canopy has become too dense and is blocking light.

Emergency Work

Trees can be unpredictable and there may be occasions when a tree or branch poses a threat or potential danger to you, your home or property or to the public. In the event of storm damage or any weather related tree incident - just pick up the phone to us and we will endeavour to get to you as quickly as possible. Always call a professional tree surgeon to conduct any emergency tree work, and never attempt to do it yourself.

Woodland Management

Effectively managing Wooldands needs constant maintenance and care. Thinning trees to allow growth and removing invasive species is key to keeping a happy sustainable Woodland for timber, firewood, access or green woodworking etc.

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If a birdhouse is hung on a tree branch, it does not move up the tree as the tree grows.